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About the power of the family

Family strength

We,  MJM Power , are a small family company that started its activity with printing in 2021. The whole family is involved in the printing process, but the greatest credit goes to the children. Each design has an individual approach.

We print T-shirts, shopping bags, mugs, etc. cool personalized things that no one else will have and are unique. We offer sublimation and thermal film printing. 
We cooperate with both individuals and companies.


How did it all start?

The authors of the idea were our children, who wanted to start something in order to get some pocket money. Before establishing MJM Power, he tried his hand at cotton candy production, offered to help his neighbors with work, but living in a village, there was absolutely no response. By chance, we saw an advertisement for the sale of a printing machine, which created more interest in printing. After talking together, we decided to give it a try. We met every week to discuss the ideas that have been thought up during the week, what and where we can implement. The first, test products, were given to the nearest, the next to classmates, gradually expanding more.
MJM Power

Why MJM Power?

M = May, J = Julia, M = Martha, Power = sisterly power. The English name was created thinking about recognition in the wide world and to make it easier for foreigners to perceive, if everything has come to us in the local market.

What is depicted on the logo?

If you take a closer look, in the logo we created, each letter has a corresponding child connected by a tree. The tree is a symbol of growth and development, growing up, moving on, but the sisters are all together. The tree yields a euro. The number 12 is taken into account, which, according to numerology, makes a person more social, optimistic and creative.



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